AAP Members’ “Continuity of Learning” Initiatives Will Help Schools Prepare for H1N1 and Other Crises

Last August, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced a national “Continuity of Learning” initiative to aid the educational infrastructure in dealing with the H1N1 flu epidemic and other emergency situations that might cause extended or large-scale absences from the nation’s schools.  A number of AAP School Division members have taken steps in support of the Continuity of Learning initiative:


Pearson has announced its Pearson Continuity website which offers print and online resources for students, parents and teachers to continue education if attending school is not an option due to H1N1 or other crises.


National Geographic School Publishing is partnering with the National Geographic Channel and beginning on November 16 will air two-hour programming blocks over a six-week period as well as providing select programs available anytime online.  All of the programs will be complemented with free web-based activity guides and resources provided by NGSP via a special “continuity of learning” portal.


Scholastic, Inc.’s Continuity of Learning resources can be found on a dedicated website, http://www.scholastic.com/staysmart/  that offers parents and teachers 20 days of reading, writing and math instruction for students in grades K-8.


McGraw-Hill School Education Group produces a variety of learning resources that help enable educators and parents to continue teaching students, even when their classroom experience is interrupted by H1N1 or other illnesses through its dedicated website, "A Plan for Continuity of Learning."   In addition, the Education Urban Advisory Resource has developed a set of recommendations for updating emergency plans to respond to an H1N1 crisis.