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Case Study: Plumbing Materials

Essential Learning Resource for Los Angeles Students Looking to Learn the Plumbing Trade

Effective plumbing instruction involves quality learning material as well as exercises that are engaging and productive. Ritz Plumbing in Anaheim is proud to offer a comprehensive, up-to-date and easy to follow textbook to trade schools in Southern California. Teachers and students at schools such as Wyotech, the Los Angeles Trade Tech College or Allan Hancock College will appreciate how content is organized, introduced and explained. It includes basic principles and concepts as well as exercises that are designed to help students remember and recall important information.

New Methods, Traditional Topics

Training future plumbers involves introducing students to time-honored principles as well how new technology, material and applications are shaping the industry. Advances in leak detection, pipeline maintenance and sewage systems are changing how problems are identified and resolved. This book provides a rich and easy to follow introduction to the methods and technology that students will use in the field for many years after becoming certified. This textbook from Los Angeles plumber Ritz Plumbing is designed to enhance the classroom experience of students and teachers alike.

Basic residential and commercial applications are covered in great detail, and students can follow the text with minimal direction from instructors. It is designed to serve as an in-class resource as well as a practical companion that students can review as they are performing hands-on exercises in Santa Monica or Torrence.

Learning Resources Cover the Basics

This resource includes all of the information that new students will need in order to become familiar with basic equipment, tools, products and procedures. Detailed diagrams, step-by-step examples and narratives are included to make the textbook accessible and easy to use.

Simple procedures such as changing leaky pipes, installing residential and commercial plumbing fixtures along with water heater maintenance and repair are covered in great detail. The text seamlessly progresses from basic to more advanced topics such as water main repair and replacement in addition to trenchless sewer repair.

This approach is designed to give students a broad introduction to the trade while also providing specific and important information. It also includes content that aligns with policies and standards that are established by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Easy to Teach, Easy to Learn

Teachers will appreciate how the book is organized and structured. The content can be adapted to fit condensed and intensive programs along with traditional 16-week course schedules.

This resource is designed to be simple yet challenging. Explanations are easy to follow, and the text is written in a way that will speak to the average student. Teachers can spend less time trying to explain vague concepts and difficult to decipher diagrams and focus on teaching concepts instead. Students can refer to the text as a way to support their overall learning without trying to understand what is being related in the book.

Appropriate, relevant and current learning materials are an essential component of an effective and engaging training program. Southern California trade programs can benefit from a current, concise, comprehensive and engaging resource. Learn more today, and discover how this textbook can make the job of teaching and learning much more productive.

If you have ever used their services in the past, we encourage you to leave a review for the company whose donation made this text book possible - Ritz Plumbing & Heating - on their Plumber, Los Angeles Google Plus page.

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